Olayan Financing Company

OFC is a leading multinational enterprise with a diversified portfolio of more than 32 companies and global investments that extend across Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, Turkey and India. Established in 1969, OFC is the parent company of The Olayan Group’s business and investments in Saudi Arabia and the broader Middle East and is locally managed by its management team based in its offices in Riyadh.

OFC, by the numbers:

Sectors in which OSHCO invests
Operating companies

Investment overview

OFC’s investment portfolio is comprised of extensive Public Equity investments in many major Saudi stock-market-listed companies, a varied Private Equity investment portfolio, and private strategic partnerships across sectors ranging from building
materials to consumer product manufacturing. Its Real Estate portfolio includes development projects across Saudi Arabia.

Additionally, OFC is the majority shareholder in Olayan Saudi Holding Company (OSHCO), a leading Saudi-based diversified business enterprise with commercial and industrial operations across six sectors: Food and Beverage, Restaurants, Health
and Personal care, Information and Communications Technology, Business-to-Business, and Energy Services.

OFC’s investment philosophy

As a long-term, strategic investor, Olayan Financing Company understands that partnership is more than balance sheets, brands, and assets. They seek tomorrow’s possibilities rather than today’s returns. OFC never loses sight of what a business could be with the right environment, the right plan, and the right partner.

Ever forward

“Suliman Olayan believed that one of our greatest assets is our people, and he drew no distinction between a male or female in that regard, believing that we must enable each person to reach his or her full potential. A true pioneer, he embraced gender equality and equal opportunity before the terms were even coined.

Today, embracing a strong institutional belief that diversity enriches organizations, we continue to uphold those values by promoting the recruitment of women and focusing on career development across the board – in our own companies, our subsidiary companies and our affiliates.”

Lubna S. Olayan

Chair of the Executive Committee of OFC

A commitment to sustainable growth

“Since our entrepreneurial beginnings in 1947,we’ve managed assets in the Middle East, ever mindful of what the right business plan with the right partner can accomplish.”

Nabeel Al-Amudi

CEO of Olayan Financing Company 

OFC is committed to making the world better now – and for future generations

Founder Suliman S. Olayan believed that the best measure of success was its positive impact on future generations. His commitment to empowerment continues to guide how we invest and manage businesses and focuses our philanthropic efforts.