We discover opportunity

The Olayan Group is a global enterprise with its origins in Saudi Arabia. As a private concern with single-family ownership, we have a multigenerational outlook and enduring partnerships. Our actively managed multinational business invests across listed equities, private equity, debt, and real estate.

While our international parent company is based in Vaduz, the Group also has offices in New York, London, Luxembourg, Athens, and Singapore. The parent company for the business and investments in the broader Middle East is based in Riyadh.


We invest in partnership

The Olayan Group has been a partner of choice since 1947, when our founder, Suliman Saleh Olayan, started his first business in Saudi Arabia. In markets around the world, we have enduring relationships across all asset classes. Our dedicated management teams invest according to disciplined principles and a long-term investment horizon.

Listed Equities

We are a fundamentals-driven, long-term, supportive provider of capital to businesses.

Private Equity

We take private equity positions both directly and as a limited partner with leading firms that have a track record of stability and excellence.

Real Estate

The Group has capitalized on opportunities to invest directly in world-class real estate assets.

Fixed Income & Foreign Exchange

Our fixed income and foreign exchange portfolio is global and hedges the balance sheet for the whole Group.

Olayan Financing Company (OFC)

Established in 1969, OFC is the parent of The Olayan Group’s business and investments in Saudi Arabia and the broader Middle East.

Olayan Saudi Holding Company (OSHCO)

OFC is the majority shareholder of OSHCO, whose diversified portfolio includes companies in five sectors: Food & Beverages, Restaurants, Health & Personal Care, Business to Business, and Energy Services.


We seek potential

At The Olayan Group, we create an environment of possibility in which employees can learn, grow, and excel.


We operate globally from 7 countries 


We seek a more sustainable world

“The Olayan Group is committed through its investments, philanthropy, and volunteer efforts to leaving the world better for future generations.”

Nadim Tabbara

Chief Financial Officer and Chair of Sustainability Committee


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