Listed Equities at Olayan

At The Olayan Group, we invest for tomorrow. Our strategy is total return with a
primary emphasis on capital appreciation and a secondary focus on realized
income in the form of dividends, trading gains, and derivative income.

Listed Equities, by the numbers:

Key global sectors
Investment professionals in 3 offices across the US, Europe and Asia

Our investment approach

Our investment philosophy has remained consistent through the last 60 years. We are a fundamentals-driven, long-term, supportive provider of capital to a select group of global companies that are leaders in their industries. Our Group partners with businesses that compound value through an economic cycle. We have domain expertise and invest primarily in the following key global sectors: Financial Services, Healthcare, Technology, and Consumer.

The Olayan advantage

“The Olayan Group has a duration to its capital base thanks to its shareholders; they are here for the long term.”

James Sfiroudis

Global Head of Liquid Assets

Invest with focus

“Our longstanding core competency in the banking industry has led us to exciting opportunities in electronic payments, life insurance, and asset management. In addition, we invest in innovation and support technology, healthcare, and consumer businesses that are changing the way we live and work.”

Thomas Price

Global Head of Listed Equities