Impact - The Olayan Group

Making a positive impact

At The Olayan Group, we seek to leave the world a better place for future generations – whether through our investments, ethical behavior, employee volunteer efforts, or corporate philanthropy. The best measure of our success is its positive impact on others.

A more sustainable future

Our employee-led Sustainability Champions Network is dedicated to making our businesses, workplaces, and communities more sustainable, one initiative at a time.

“The Olayan Group is able to think and act long-term; sustainability is also about planning for the long term. The Group is committed to leaving the world better than it is today.”

Nadim Tabbara
Chief Financial Officer and Chair of Sustainability Committee

Our impact, by the numbers:​


Tons of carbon sequestered, thanks to our support of the Cool Effect program.


Percentage of Olayan’s 550 Madison Garden which is irrigated by recycled rainwater.


Number of volunteer opportunities scheduled across our 7 offices during the month of June.


Years our charitable foundations have supported cancer research at leading hospitals around the world.

Effecting change, from our investments to our charitable efforts

Our Sustainability Champions Network

The Olayan Group’s Sustainability Champions organize external volunteer events and propose in-office operational changes. Recent employee-led initiatives: a water-saving redesign of the garden outside our Athens office, a beach cleanup by our Singapore team, and an ongoing partnership with a local homeless shelter in London. 

Our volunteer

From annual cancer walk particiption by all our offices to more localized initiatives supporting vulnerable populations, we’re proud to support our communities. 

Our Real Estate

Sustainability is an increasingly important component of our international Real Estate portfolio. Our buildings target the highest certifications, including LEED, WELL, BREEAM, the Code for Sustainable Homes, and WiredScore. We embrace ESG practices like the use of sustainable materials and the reduction of energy and water use. We offer tenants maximal natural daylight, fresh air, and outdoor space, and are committed to a platform of affordability and quality throughout our multifamily housing.

Our corporate philanthropy

Our foundations support significant educational and medical causes, furthering our commitment to being good corporate citizens in the communities where we do business.