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About The Olayan Group

The Olayan Group, a private multinational enterprise, is an international investor and a diverse commercial and industrial concern with operations in the Middle East.
With offices in Saudi Arabia, Europe, and the US, the Group’s global investment team focuses on public and private equities, real estate, fixed income securities, and other specialized assets.
The commercial side of the Group comprises more than 40 companies and is centered in Saudi Arabia, where the Group originated in 1947. They are engaged in distribution, manufacturing, and services. Many of these companies operate in partnership with leading multinational or regional firms. Some have operations in other Gulf countries and the wider Middle East.


Ours is the story of an improbable journey by a humble business prodigy named Suliman Saleh Olayan. Learn how he traveled from the heart of the Arabian Peninsula, before there was a single paved road, to the heights of international investment.


Our unofficial motto is: We strive to do better tomorrow what we do best today. Over a storied seven decades in business, certain milestones stand out. Experience here our evolution from startup to multinational enterprise.


Our approach to business flows directly out of the experience of our founder, Suliman S. Olayan. Take a visual tour of our philosophy through original paintings by artist David Cutler. This visual metaphor evokes the journey of the founder.


This is a gateway to our corporate offices as well as our member companies. These include wholly owned operations in Saudi Arabia, joint ventures with major multinationals, and affiliated commercial and industrial concerns.