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Investment & Real Estate

Olayan Saudi Investment Company (OSICO)

Olayan Saudi Investment Company (OSICO) was established in 1981 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Olayan Financing Company (OFC). It is one of the first privately owned companies to specialize in Saudi Arabia's developing capital market.

Based in Riyadh, OSICO is committed to investment in sound, publicly listed Saudi companies. Its investment decisions are backed by extensive research and professional portfolio management. As a long-term investor, OSICO has forged a strategic alliance with industry and achieved an important role in the corporate sector of the Kingdom.

Through board membership in a number of these companies, OSICO also plays a direct role in the strategic management of these companies and helps them maximize shareholder value in the long term.

OSICO looks forward to playing an influential role as the Saudi capital market, already the largest in the Arab world, further deepens and widens in a privatizing economy.