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New York Office Opens

The Group opens an office in New York.



Olayan enters into an agreement with Kimberly-Clark to construct the first tissue converting plant in Saudi Arabia.


Cummins, Kenworth, Atlas Copco

General Contracting Company (GCC) establishes a branch for heavy automotive equipment and parts. GCC becomes the exclusive distributor of Cummins engines, Kenworth trucks and Atlas Copco compressors, relationships that endure today.


National Gas Company

Suliman S. Olayan plays a key role in developing Saudi Arabia's earliest electric power companies and founds the country's first public utility, the National Gas Company.


The Olayan Group Goes Global

The Olayan Group establishes its first company outside of the Middle East - an investment portfolio in U.S. equities.


Beirut Office Opens

In 1959, a corporate liaison office opens for business in Beirut, Lebanon, to facilitate a major transportation contract with Aminoil/Getty Oil in the Saudi Arabia-Kuwait Neutral Zone. It is the Group's first non-Gulf office.


Arab Commercial Enterprises

Arab Commercial Enterprises is founded, later to become the largest insurance brokerage in the Middle East.


General Contracting Company

Suliman S. Olayan founds General Contracting Company, his first business, to provide transportation and related services to Bechtel on Aramco's massive Trans-Arabian Pipe Line (Tapline) project.


Our investment portfolio is a diversified mix of public and private equities, real estate, fixed-income securities, and other specialized assets.
We consider and then execute investments through a set of disciplined principles and clearly defined criteria with iterative reviews. We have a unique one-team culture and one-firm approach.
Investments in listed companies remain the largest portion of the Group’s overall portfolio. While historically The Olayan Group was known for concentrating its public investments in large financial institutions, today we invest in companies big and small across diverse sectors.
Our interest in private equity and real estate has grown meaningfully in recent years. We take private equity positions both directly and as a limited partner with leading firms that have a track record of stability and excellence.
Our fixed income portfolio is global and spread across asset classes to take advantage of opportunities in that space.
In the wake of the financial crisis that began in 2007, the Group capitalized on opportunities to invest directly in a number of world-class real estate assets. Today these holdings include 550 Madison Avenue in New York City (formerly known as the Sony Building); the Knightsbridge Estate in central London; a portfolio of prime office, retail, and residential assets in Paris’s prestigious 8th Arrondissement; the Hotel Ritz in Madrid; and Al-Bustan Village, a prestigious residential, educational, and recreational community in Riyadh that the Group developed from scratch. These investments capitalize on long-term value growth while securing a cash flow that is sizeable and growing.

General Contracting Company (GCC)

Launched in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province in 1947, General Contracting Company (GCC) - the very first company of The Olayan Group - soon grew into a Kingdom-wide equipment distributor and dealer. During its over 60 years of growth, GCC has garnered many awards from both its international partners and key customers.


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