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Drilling Equipment & Chemical Company (DRECCO)

Drilling Equipment and Chemical Company (DRECCO), has been rendering quality materials and support from the most renowned world leaders engaged in the oil, gas, petrochemical, water and energy sectors to the Saudi Arabian market for many years. DRECCO's stability and durability can be gauged by the strong relationship we have developed with both our principals and customers.

We have a mix of various products under our portfolio with globally reputed brand names like HALLIBURTONSANDVIKCTS TANKSGRAPHALLOYCBI and others providing equipment ranging from cementing tools, stainless steel and alloy tubulars, graphite bushings, steel and alloy fittings, aluminium domes, tank seals, heat exchangers and much more.

DRECCO was conceptualized to provide much needed products for the downstream sector and we have gradually extended our products range to suit the requirements of local oil, gas, petrochemical, water and energy sectors. We are one of the major contributors of essential tools to Saudi Aramco, SABIC, Saudi Electric Co., Khafji Joint Operations, and other Royal Commission and industrial companies.

Being a part of The Olayan Group gives us strong infrastructural and financial stability. It also gives us an opportunity to synergize with over 50 companies and affiliates within the Group, having diversified activities from financing and manufacturing to distribution and logistics.

DRECCO believes in and assures efficient performance in bringing the best available tools and technology to the local market and it is our endeavor to pursue in-kingdom manufacturing with our existing and prospective partners.

Our full product list:

  1. HALLIBURTON ENERGY SERVICES: Stage cementing tools, plug sets, drillables, casing attachments.
  2. SANDVIK MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY AB: Stainless and alloy steel tubulars, heat exchanger tubing, bars, wirelines, flanges.
  3. CTS TANKS: Aluminum domes, tank seals, internal floating roofs, floating roof seals and accessories.
  4. GRAPHITE METALLIZING CORPORATION: Graphite alloy bearings, bushings, pillow and flange block assemblies, electric brushings.
  5. CHICAGO BRIDGE & IRON (CBI): Spare parts for storage tanks.
  6. BENTELER STEEL: Seamless carbon steel tubes.
  7. OLMI: Shell and tube heat exchangers, process coolers, steam condensers, finned tubes.
  8. BRIDON: Steel wire ropes for various industries.
  9. DELCORTE: Forged carbon steel fittings: threaded ends, socket weld ends, pipe and swage nipples, outlets.
  10. BREDEL: Hose pumps, rubber hoses.
  11. THERMOENGINEERING: Elevated flares, ground flares, incinerator systems, indirect heaters, knockout drums.
  12. PROMAT: Carbon steel flanges, outlets.